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Buy Twitter Ads Account

Buy Twitter Ads Account


Buy a Twitter Ads Account

Do you want to buy Twitter ad accounts? We offer authentically confirmed Twitter Ad accounts at an affordable cost. Participate in the discussion as you read.

The features of our ads on Twitter account
  • Person verified, acting as a by-proxy
  • Verified that payment information is correct
  • Complete active account
  • “Click and Impress”
  • Verified with VCC
  • Spendable $500 – $1k
What We Deliver?
  • An account with all the required details for login.
  • Data recovery, if necessary.

Buy Twitter Ads Account To Promote Your Business 

Twitter is a great platform to connect with hundreds of millions of people and drive meaningful results for your business. Right? Yes, we can help you to do this.

Twitter enables advertisers to target the Twitter audience and reach them remarkably. Its effective targeting strategy helps to maximize your ROI in the shortest time.

twitter ads account for sale

In this guide, you’ll learn how to buy Twitter Ads account for the first time, different types of Twitter ads, and exclusive tips for using this platform. So let’s start!

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Why Should You Consider Advertising on Twitter?

  • Keyword Targeting

Twitter ads enable keyword targeting. So you can target precise people who use a specific word or hashtag to demonstrate their intent. 

  • Great Speed

Twitter provides advertisers the fastest experience to connect between their brands and users.

  • Low Cost Per Click

Twitter allows you to get clicks on pennies. Advertising competition on Twitter is low, which means advertisers will find the cost of advertising is very cheap and pay what they are willing to pay. 

  • Only Pay for Performance 

No matter what goal you want to achieve with Twitter ads, you are only for the performance. That means you pay if you achieve any marketing objective or if people take any action.

twitter ads account for sale

What are the Types of Twitter Ads?

Twitter offers different types of ad formats so that you can meet your business goal and divide campaigns into categories.

  • Promoted Tweet

Promoted tweet basics similar to ordinary tweets on which users can like, comment, or retweet. But promoted Tweets are labeled as “Promoted” ads. However, advertisers pay to display these ads to those who yet not follow those advertisers on Twitter. 

  • Promoted Accounts

Promoted accounts allow you to promote your entire brand’s account rather than one tweet. It targets Twitter audiences who are yet not following your brand and can be interested in your product.

  • Promoted Trends

On Twitter’s right-hand side, the Twitter trend is a high-turnover list. Promoted trends appear on both the “Explore tab” and “Timeline ” under the “Trends for you” section. At present, promoted Trends ads are available in 15 countries. 

  • Promoted Moments

Promoted moments are one of the Twitter ad formats enabling your brand to share Twitter story ads above 280 characters. Twitter Moments is a curated collection that tells stories like similar Tweets. 

  • Automated Ads

Twitter calls this automated ads format “Always advertising solution.” If you’re a newbie in a Twitter ads campaign and want to gain experience before a big investment, you should consider this ad format. 

Your brand will only Tweet as usual, and Twitter promote mode automatically promotes your brand profile and Tweets.

buy twitter ads

How to Advertise on Twitter?


First, set up your Twitter ads account. Log into your account and go to Enter your time zone and country name. Now you can access the Twitter Ads Manager.


Now choose your campaign objective to determine which engagement types you want and for what actions you’ll pay. You can choose an objective from consideration, awareness, and conversion so that your campaign drives the traffic you want.

buy verified twitter ads account


Set up an ad group name the group and enter the start and ending times. And then choose a campaign budget. Select a bidding strategy that means how much you want to pay for each interaction.

buy Twitter Ads account


Next, select your target audience to reach your most desirable audience and maximize your budget. You can target an audience based on location, gender, age, language, technology, etc.

Or you can upload a list of people and target people based on your Twitter followers base. Then click Next.


Choose the ad placement that means where you want to display the ads.  Choose placement from the right side of the screen and click Next. 


Finally, preview all the options, and if everything is okay, click Launch Campaign to launch your campaigns.

So don’t be late to buy Twitter ads from us.

Tips to Help Your Brand with Twitter Advertising 

  1. Use high-quality images and videos. Because sharp and Compelling images help to catch the attention of the audience. A blurry, Mis-sized image won’t increase the engagement rate of your ads.
  2. Use event targeting to tie your ads to the big events and holidays. Or keep updated on what’s going on around the world and create your ads timely.
  3. Monitor what’s working well in your organic Tweets and apply them to your advertising.
  4. Include a straightforward call to action for your audience that’ll work great for your ads.
  5. Test, analyze, and test your advertising campaigns again to see what methods are improving your ads. It would be best if you also analyzed the competitors’ advertising. 

Final Thought

Twitter Ads is a great platform to grow awareness and demand for your brand. So we strongly encourage you to choose this advertising strategy and buy Twitter Ads account soon. 

After Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is also becoming more popular day by day. And it’s a perfect time for you to start with an effective Twitter Ads account. Wish you good luck!

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