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Buy Pinterest Ads Account

Buy Pinterest Ads Account


Features You’ll Get in Pinterest Ads Accounts

  • Affordable account rate
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  • Replacement Guarantee 
  • Verified with billing details
  • Dedicated and high-quality account 
  • New account without previous spending records
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  • Accounts with complete profiles and attached original profile photo

What We’ll Deliver to You?

  • Details of account login information 
  • Account login credentials 
  • Verification details

Buy Pinterest Ads Account To Promote Your Business Easily and Effectively

Do you want to start your business advertising with Pinterest Ads? Then we’re here to help you with a complete guide. 

Pinterest is a great opportunity for marketers to gain awareness and consideration among social media platforms. 98% of active users admit that they try new things after seeing them on Pinterest. So it’s a worthwhile decision to go with this social platform.

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In this post, you’ll learn how to get started with Pinterest Ads, its benefits, and the essential information. We’ll also give you Pinterest Ads account details so that you’re able to take a quick start!

What is Pinterest Ads Accounts? 

Pinterest Ads lets advertisers promote their brands and businesses on this platform. Using the user’s past activity, interest, and actions on the website Pinterest works to target audiences.

Pinterest Ads accounts

Why Use Pinterest Advertising? 

If you want to raise your brand awareness and promote your business on an effective platform, Pinterest Ads are indeed a good choice. Read more strong reasons for choosing Pinterest Ads.

  • Pinterest ads increase conversion rate.
  • It provides a unique marketing strategy. 
  • It helps to drive quality traffic to your website
  • Pinterest advertising generates lead and demand 
  • It increases your product, service, and brand engagement 
  • It boosts your content by increasing more relevant audience 

Types of Pinterest Ads?

Let’s know what types of pin attributes you’ll get from the different types of Pinterest ads.

  • Promoted Pins

Pinterest Promoted Pins are product images similar to the regular pins on your home feed and search results. Users can share them and even comment, which makes it easy to gain exposure. 

  • Promoted Carousel 

The promoted carousel ad shows the user two to five series of images that they can swipe up through. This ad format is ideal if you have multiple product pins to show or describe the different features of one product. You can include the destination URL on each image.

  • Promoted Video Pins

Promoted video pins have an increased number of video views. Video ads have greater facility in awareness campaigns and tell stories about your brand or products.

  • Promoted App Pins

Choose promoted app pins if you want to promote your app. This ad format lets the users download mobile apps directly from Pinterest, which drives more engagement. 

  • Buyable Pins

Pinners can find and buy products directly from your pin ads through the Buyable pins. You can also call it Shop the Look. It works both for web and mobile devices. 

  • Story Pins

Story pins appear with a title and cover image on Pinner’s home feed. Story pins feature up to 20 pages which you can use to tell a story about your products.

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How to Advertise On Pinterest? 


First, Get a business account. You can either create your account or buy from us.


Now install Pinterest Tag for conversion tracking and track the actions people are taking in your website.


Go to and select your campaign objective. Choose the right marketing goals that should be matched with the available ad format. 


Now name your pin campaign, and campaign type, and choose the campaign budget. You can select spend on a daily and lifetime basis.

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Create an ad group that’ll help you manage multiple targeting and campaign goals in a single campaign. 


Choose your target audience based on location, gender, age, language, and device.


Select your ad placement in default if your budget permits. 


Set your daily or lifetime budget and schedule. 


Monitor your campaign performance by clicking on the Analytics from the Pinterest ads manager dashboard.

Why Choose Us to Buy Pinterest Ads Account? 

  • We provide a verified Pinterest account.
  • Legit information and documentation 
  • Every account is authentic and valid.
  • We can deliver multiple accounts at a time
  • We offer a very reasonable price for ad reports
  • Our expert teams will be available 24*7 Customer Service 
  • You can buy a ready-to-use account for immediate use
  • We’ll give you complete authority to make any changes to your account. 
  • We’ll deliver the account via email.

How Much Do Pinterest Ads Cost?

You have to spend at least 10 cents or the cost will reach up to $1.50 for each click for promoting your business through Pinterest. You can adjust this CPC campaign bidding depending on your business size. 

Final Verdict 

If you want to reach the potential customer who frequents this social network platform to discover new ideas and products, you should begin your journey with Pinterest Ads. We hope our post will completely help you with this purpose.

So buy Pinterest ads account to bring your marketing to the next level beyond Facebook and Instagram. Save your time also without wandering around.

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