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Buy Facebook Ads Account

Buy Facebook Ads Account


What you receive:

  • Facebook Ads account ready to publish campaigns instantly worldwide
  • The Business Manager is verified and has no spending limits
  • All accounts have automatic payments with limits from 200 – 500 USD
  • Aged Accounts with spending 3000 ~ 10000 USD
  • GoLogin Anti-detect browser with Gmail and Ads account already logged in
  • Premium Residential Proxy already logged in the browser
  • Premium Credit Card added to the account (if selected)
  • SMS Number for the Two-factor Authentication
  • Publish Crypto, Forex, IPTV, Casino, Gambling, Affiliates campaigns (if selected)

A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Buy Facebook Ads Account?

Buying Facebook ads is essential for your successful digital marketing. Right? But most advertisers don’t even know how to buy verified Facebook ads accounts and run ad campaigns for satisfying results. 

However, if you know the Facebook ads types and have clear ideas about your campaign objectives and budget, then you can easily buy Facebook ads. We’ll help to get all the details for your worth investment in Facebook ads.

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With this article, you’ll get step-by-step instructions to buy Facebook ads, the types of Facebook ads, and superb tips for your successful ad campaigns. So whether you’re a beginner or professional, you’ll find the best way to advertise on Facebook and stand out in the crowd. So let’s begin.

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads are paid ads that let you choose your specific target audience to whom you want to show your product or services. 

These ads will show on the user’s Facebook Stories, Newsfeed, Facebook Messenger chat, or in-stream ads in the middle of the long videos depending on the user’s interest.

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Facebook ads come in different formats and you have full access to your ad’s cost control. You can decide on what user action you’ll pay for. But it won’t mean you’ll pay a cost per action. Instead, you can choose how Facebook bills you. 

Types of Facebook Ads

  • Image Ads

Single-image ads are the most straightforward but effective way to start your first Facebook advertising. You can convert a simple image to an attractive one that will uniquely present your product to your customer. 

  • Video Ads

Video ads are another way to bring your creativity catching audience attraction. Video ads are shown in Facebook Stories, Facebook Messenger, or in-stream ads. You can even use GIFs as video ads.

  • Poll Ads

Poll ads are only for mobile devices. It adds two option polls to photo or video ads. So it includes an interactive component of your ads.

  • Carousel Ads

Carousel ads include 10 single images and videos. People use these ads in various ways. You can use the 10 images to tell the different benefits of one product or show 10 different types of products containing different links.

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  • Sideshow Ads

Sideshow ads come in a video format to draw the audience’s attention, where you can use several stock images, text, or video clips. You can add music and text to these ads using Ads Manager.

  • Collection Ads

Collection Ads are only for Android devices offering you to showcase 5 images or videos to the viewers. The fantastic feature of these ads is you don’t need to leave Facebook to shop for the products.

  • Instant Experience Ads

Instant experience ads are the full-screen ad format. They allow users to get 15 times faster loading than a mobile website

  • Lead Ads

Lead ads are among the best ad formats that encourage the audience to sign up for a trial of your services or products. They can also explore detailed information about you. Plus, these ads let the audience contact you directly.

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How to Buy Facebook Ads Account? 

You can easily buy Facebook ads if you already have an official Facebook business page. Otherwise, create a new one and go to the Facebook ads manager tool.  Next, follow the steps below.

  • Step-1

Log into your Facebook ads manager and select the campaign tab. Click ” Create” and Choose your campaign goals from the 11 advertisement campaign objectives. Next, click on Continue

  • Step-2

Name your Facebook campaign and enter the Web address in the ” Destination URL” bar where you decide to send people who click on your ads. 

  • Step-3

Now write an eye-catching headline for your ads in the “Title” bar. The headline should be under 25 characters. 

  • Step-4

Write the ad copy in the ” Body text” part. Utilize your 135-character limits to attract your audience. 

  • Step-5

Select a photo of your logo or product that is already available on the internet. Make sure you have the copyright of this photo. 

  • Step-6

Upload the photo from your device and click on ” continue.”

  • Step-7

Now target the audience by their location. You can target the ad by specific city, country, or state. Also, you can target by age, sex, workplace, education, relationship, language, page membership, and so on.

After you select your audience, take a look at the audience size indicator to understand the amount of your potential reach to a custom audience. 

  • Step-8 

Set your budget by entering your daily budget, budget per month, or lifetime budget. Also select the maximum bid, schedule, and metrics.

  • Step-9

Lastly, Enter your credit card details and hit the button “Place Order.”

buy facebook ads account

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3 Excellent Tips for Best Facebook Advertising

  • Use Facebook Pixel

Facebook pixel is remote code that can contribute a lot to your best Facebook ad campaigns. You need to place the code on your website so that It can track conversions. Plus, it allows remarketing to people who already showed interest in your site’s product and created a lookalike audience. 

  • Test Everything Regularly

Facebook ad’s best practices change regularly. Which method is now working for your specific audience doesn’t necessarily work for new ads. So you better keep testing before trying something new.

  • Optimize and Track Ads Performance 

Optimize your ad performance by keeping an eye on the Facebook Ads Manager Dashboard. If your current ad campaign doesn’t perform well, then think of another advertising strategy. 

Final Verdict 

So that’s it. I hope our article will be beneficial to you when you’re up to buy Facebook ads account. As you see, buying ads is pretty easy. But to benefit from it, you’ll need an effective advertising strategy. 

However, follow our guide and make the best Facebook ads account ever. Nothing can stop you from being a successful business owner on this popular social network site. So, don’t be late
Facebook ads account for sale.

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