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Buy Stripe Accounts

Buy Stripe Accounts


Details of Stripe Account

  • USA Number Verified
  • USA Number Access (Lifetime)
  • USA Bank verified
  • USA Bank Info
  • USA SSN Info
  • Backup and Auth Code
  • Residential Ip Month
  • 24×7 Customer Support

What You Receive:

  • You will get screenshots proving that the ID and Tax are verified, and the active credit card payment is.
  • Login credentials for Stripe
  • Backup and Auth Code
  • ID, Tax, and Company Docs.
  • A guide on how to operate your account safely
  • Residential VPN or Proxy
  • Mail or Telegram 24×7 Customer Support

Buy Stripe Accounts & Alternate Your Business Payment Processor Online

If you need to buy stripe accounts, we are here to make your purchasing easy and smoother. You can buy a 100% authentic and safe stripe account from us. And, we will do everything to save your time and effort. 

However, while you focus on the user’s staying time on your site, you must consider buying a Stripe account. It will help you enable your users to stay on your site during their payment-making time.

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And, the users won’t be redirected to another site due to the easy processing of the Stripe payment method. So, why not try a stripe account for once?

What Is a Stripe Account?

Stripe is considered the top-rating credit card payment company in 2021. It is the best one for its service to e-commerce clients. Stripe account works as an online third-party payment system that will allow you to process your credit card transactions. 

And you will be able to process your transactions from different business accounts to a single merchant account. Here, a merchant account means an account that will accept credit card payments.

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To Buy verified stripe accounts for your business firms will give you the chance to deal with online settlements for digital gadgets. With worldwide coverage through over 130 currencies, running international operations has never been easier! But, handling the exchange rates with stripes is even easier.

Documents You Need to Buy Aged Stripe Account

To buy your Stripe account, you need to be at least 18 years old. Or else, it will require your guardian’s sign-off to your account. However, to buy your account, you will need the following documents.

  1. The ID that you’ve issued from the government.
  2. Your websites
  3. Types of your product and product/service details
  4. Your bank account 
  5. Transfer currency
  6. Your details, including your email and password

How to Buy Stripe Accounts?

To buy Stripe accounts online is as easy as creating a free account. What you have to do is to go to your browser and type “Stripe.” You’ll get the official stripe site in the first phase. 

  • Get into the first link
  • Click on the “Buy Now” button
  • Enter your valid email and password
  • Select the payment type
  • Make your payment

How to Set Up Your Stripe Account?

Setting up Stripe to accept payments for business/ personal purposes is easy. All you need are the following steps:

  1. Log in at https://event.attendstar/
  2. Click on “Your Event” from within Account Settings 
  3. Find and select ‘Stripe’ as a payment option
  4. Complete the form
  5. If asked to connect via API bypassing the 2FA authentication process, do so now or save settings later if not ready yet 5b
  6. You now have to save all your info and activate your account

Stripe Payment Pricing

Stripe Payments makes accepting payments effortless, reasonable, and secure with flat rates for most businesses! 

It charges a 2.9% + 30 cent per transaction fee for online transactions and a 2.7% + 5 cent transaction fee for in-person transactions. Some international cards may incur an additional 1%, while the ACH direct debit transactions charge rate will be 0.8%.

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Customized pricing accounts will make up fees depending on your account type. They’re usually 25 cents each to update expired or renewed card information.

Advantages of Buy Stripe Account

There are plenty of benefits to using a stripe account. Stripe will give you a trouble-free setup procedure as well as a top sanctuary. Let’s check what else you can get your stripe accounts.

  • Free Trial Period

You’ll get a free trial period to understand all the terms and policies of the stripe. And, at that time you don’t have to pay any money.

  • Trailing Late Payments 

Having a Stripe account means you’ve got the option to insert due dates to your invoice. Therefore, your customer can understand when exactly you want your payment.

  • Faster Payment System

It will give you a faster payment in terms of credit card payments. It is easy to get the payment right after creating your invoice. Customers get the credit card payment system hassle-free.

  • Lessen Administration Significantly

In terms of your Stripe account, your invoice will get updated automatically. As a result, reducing all the messy stuff is easy.

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What is Stripe Payment Gateway?

Stripe payment gateway integration is a process that will allow you to receive your Stripe online payments via credit card. You can receive payment in person and also online with a credit card. In that case, you’ve to transfer money from your merchant account to the payment processor.

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Stripe payment gateway is an excellent processor for online businesses. It is inexpensive and will be easy and fast to implement. You’ll find the stripe payment gateway super helpful if you’ve developer experience.

Connect to Your Website:

Now, it’s time to integrate Stripe with your website. If you run an eCommerce store or a service platform, you can find plugins or API options for this. If you’re unsure, seek help from a web developer.

Test Transactions:

Before going live, do test transactions. This ensures everything is set up correctly. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Personalize Your Profile:

Go to the dashboard. Here, update your business details. This includes your business name and contact information. Make sure it’s accurate.


What if I don’t buy verified Stripe accounts?

If you cannot manage to buy stripe verified account, you’ve to collect all the proof-of-entity files. You can collect these documents by the company verification and can enable your payouts.

How long will it take to get my Stripe account?

If you buy from us, you can accept your payments right after activating your account. But, if it takes a bit of time, we will contact you immediately. If you want you can stripe accounts for sale from us.

What documents does Stripe ask for?

We have given a list of all the necessary documents above. Hopefully, you’ve got that list.


Buy Stripe verified account will be a powerful and quick way to run your business. Stripe Payments offers a suite of tools that quickly launch new products or extend existing ones into new markets. It’s perfect for exploring new opportunities without too much upfront cost.  

A simple online setup allows you to start accepting payments in minutes, with very few additional steps that are needed after initial setup. Use this power freely by managing no more than five active invoices at any one time. 

Monitoring all payment activity on the dashboard and keeping track of every detail is easy with stripe sale options and stripe terminal. So your customers always know they are safe when doing business with you.

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